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We are a friendly professional dental team, that always endeavors to deliver an excellent patient experience and first class treatments.

We have a holistic approach to dental care, meaning we only use mercury free fillings and strive for minimally invasive treatments.

We provide an extensive range of different treatments such as routine dentistry, hygienist care, smile makeovers and teeth whitening. Our Orthodontic team can straighten your teeth using fixed, removable or invisible braces.

We can also offer a variety of advanced skin treatments including one of Crystal Clears newest treatment Comcit, hair removal as well as Botox, fillers and Mini -Thread face lifts. We also stock a variety of products from Crystal Clear’s wonderful skin care range available for purchase.

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  1. I have had two crystal clear treatments here with Debbie. The results were instant and amazing. My skin looks plumped and smooth, pores shrinking, thread veins disappearing, no spot outbreaks. Feel much more confident in my own skin and have not needed foundation to cover my fresh lovely skin. Look forward to more treatments… also the products are well worth investing in and are maintaining my results.. many thanks Debbie.

  2. The Comcit facials provided by Debbie combat fine lines & wrinkles better than any other treatment.
    Although skin is alittle pink for a few hours after this soon so settles down and results can be seen immediately !

  3. I have just had my 4th Comcit treatment with Debbie using Crystal Clear products. I was unsure at first but have never looked back. My skin feels revitalised and I feel better about myself – that in itself is a bonus! I would urge all you girls and ‘boys’ to try it .The skin care range is brilliant!!

  4. I have just had the second comcit treatment and the results are amazing. The texture and appearance of my skin is greatly improved, fine lines are definitely minimised and skin is plumper and more firm. The treatment doesn’t interfere with daily life, I went to work afterwards. Although a little rosy, no other side effects. I have searched for a treatment that combats all the signs of ageing and this is the best one I have found so far.
    The staff at Monica’s are all lovely, so friendly and nothing is too much. Debbie is a real credit and manages to balance offering a professional but friendly service to perfection.
    There is nothing negative to say about the treatment or staff. I cannot recommend this practice to highly.

  5. It is a miracle treatment.
    Began to feel the plumping and glowing in my skin on the 3rd visit, the most amazing thing is under my eyes the bags began to diminish.
    so it is a treatment in one session and that is amazing.
    I want to thank Debbie, she is very kind and has amazing hands and she is so lovely.

  6. I have had quite a few sessions of the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy with Debbie, which I loved, and they really improved the appearance and texture of my skin. I would certainly recommend it.
    Debbie then suggested that I try the new Comcit treatment. It was a very pleasant feeling and not as cold as I was led to believe! Debbie was her lovely, professional self, explaining each stage and telling me what to expect.
    The results were really obvious after a few days when the stimulation of the collagen had really started, and lasted for at least three weeks. I have just booked another and my only regret is that I haven’t had time yet do do a full course. It is really worth trying.

  7. I have recently had a microdermabrasion and a separate oxygen therapy sessions with Debbie. I have to say I loved it! My skin feels fantastic afterwards so smooth and soft as I suffer with very dry skin normally. The crystal clear skincare products help rejuvenate my skin and smell lovely. The treatment itself was very relaxing, the room setting is peaceful and private and Debbie explained everything as she carried out the treatments with a gentle touch and brilliant skincare advice and samples given afterwards. I would highly recommend either of these treatments as part of your skin maintenance routine!

  8. I have been seeing Debbie for the last few months for IPL treatment for facial redness and I must say she is great!! I have fantastic visible results and I am so glad I plucked up the courage to get it done. I was never a believer in this kind of thing but I am well and truly converted! Thanks Debbie

  9. I recently had combined treatments of Microdermabrasion and Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy. It was an hour of total relaxation (the heated treatment bed was lovely). The Microdermabrasion left my skin feeling extremely soft whilst the oxygen therapy plumped out the skin which was shown to me once half a face was completed, the difference was instantly visible. Fantastic treatments in a lovely relaxing environment. Would truly recommend to everyone.

  10. I was very conscious of my facial hair (I’m 60 now) and eventually plucked up courage to make an appointment with Debbie. I noticed an immediate improvement after my first treatment. Although there are still one or two stubborn areas (upper lip mainly) I am delighted with the results and feel so much more confident. Then I decided to go for the thread vein treatment – well, the results are amazing! Really effective and I now only have to put on a bit of powder to go out. I feel so much ‘cleaner’ and my skin generally has improved amazingly. Debbie is a lovely person who is genuinely anxious to help and seems nearly as delighted with the results as I am! I can also recommend the Crystal Clear products – Especially the cleansing gel – so easy to use. Overall, I would rate Debbie and her treatments as 10 out of 10.

  11. I had a microdermabrasion facial and it was excellent. It was a relaxing and enjoyable treatment. One I would recommend. I am looking forward to trying the oxygen therapy facial next time! The room was very clean and newly refurbished.

  12. I’m a sceptic about this sort of thing but wanting to look my best for our son’s wedding last year, I bit the bullet. The full course of microdermabrasion plus oygen therapy was expensive but I decided I was worth it! Anyway am I still a sceptic? YES. So why do I go every month? I just love the treatments Debbie offers – and the products which are by Crystal Clear. My complexion is refreshed & as for the lines…………. You can’t work miracles but you can have a lovely experience trying!

  13. Have just had my third treatment for angry red thread veins on my face, the difference is amazing ! Would defiantly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from facial thread veins, its so much better than the prospect of having to wear heavy concealer for the rest of my life. Thanks Debbie

  14. I have had and continue to have IPL treatment on a small area of my face for hair removal. Prior to treatments this area of my face was causing me concern and upset as I felt very self conscious about hair growth there.
    The IPL treatments are quick and very effective and also improve the appearance of the skin considerably, I am very pleased!
    Debbie is fantastic, she explains every stage of the treatment and made me feel really at ease….because I did feel a little embarrassed initially!
    I would definitely recommend the treatment, Debbie and the practice because all the staff I have come into contact with are friendly, helpful and professional.
    Thank you

  15. Heard about oxygen therapy through a friend, and wanted to give it a try. Really glad I did, it made my skin look and feel great, much plumper and more radiant. Thanks Debbie

  16. I had microdermabrasion today with Debbie, it has made my skin look and feel great! It was also very relaxing. Before this treatment I had dry rough feeling skin esp on my cheeks, it now feels great! Debbie also recommended some skin care creams and gave me some samples to try, I have been using them daily and would definitely recommend them.
    I will definitely be returning for more microdermabrasion.

  17. I have completed the 5 course treatment of Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy and am very happy with the results. Debbie is professional and very friendly, clearly explaining the procedures at the different stages. I will continue with the monthly treatments and look forward to trying out some different ones.

  18. I started going to Monica Forsman for dental work, having previously had braces which had been unsuccessful I went to a few dentists about having aligners. I decided upon sticking with Monica because not only is she fairly priced the staff and service you receive is amazing. I then started to hear about the wonderful treatments and products Debbie uses on the beauty side and am now an avid fan of all the Crystal clear products. The attentive care Debbie provides during each of your treatments is amazing, I didn’t have a big problem with wrinkles but I was showing signs of “wear and tear” on my skin, and after having oxygen therapy my skin feels hydrated and full of life again. I’d recommend this practice whether it’s for dental work or beauty. You won’t be disappointed.

  19. With lots of deep wrinkles and fine lines, due mainly to sun damage, I am always very sceptical about any type of treatment! However the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy works a treat. The results are immediately obvious, and last. Debbie is brilliant at explaining everything and does not try and push any of the products she uses, (but I can definitely recommend the Intense Anti-Ageing serum, and will add to this). My skin feels and looks smoother and more radiant, and the effects have been noted by my biggest critics! I had the 5 course treatment and have booked several follow up sessions, and shall continue to do so. Many thanks Debbie.

  20. I was quite skeptical at first as have tried various treatments which promise instant results which last… but never do! Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is amazing and Debbie is a brilliant consultant – she explains everything and is not at all pushy just very professional which makes a massive difference. The treatment really does work my skin feels plumped out and smoother and it lasts. I initially was just going to have the one treatment for a special occasion but I was so pleased I ended up having all 5 and I will be having top ups. I highly recommend Debbie and the treatment it does make a big difference.

  21. I have just had some IPL treatment after my skin was looking a bit dull especially after the Christmas period.
    I was recommended to have a course of six treatments to get the perfect result that I want.
    After the first session I was absolutely amazed with the instant result and i booked straight away for my second session.

  22. Having not been able to wear anything above the knee ie dresses due to thread veins, thanks to Debbie and a course of IPL I now have my confidence back, recommend this to anyone with thread veins

  23. I would like to recommend the Oxygen Therapy to everybody.
    My skin is smoother, fine lines disappear .
    It really does work, have a go you won’t be disappointed.
    Debbie is lovely makes you feel really welcome ,all the staff are lovely even Monica husband who made me laugh on one of my visit, sat in the kitchen with what look like to me like a pink shower cap on his head.[ brilliant]
    Can’t wait till my next visit.

  24. Debbie’s microdermabrasion and oxygen facials leave your skin feeling wonderful and smooth out fine line and wrinkles. I would definitely recommend this treatment. 🙂

  25. I have just had my 2nd treatment of IPL hair removal with Debbie, on my underarms! After my 1st treatment I thought I wouldn’t notice much of a change, but surprisingly it had already started to work! Between my 1st and 2nd treatment (5 weeks) I only had 2 shave 3 times which was brilliant, can’t wait to see how much more it has worked this time, defiantly worth the money, highly recommend 🙂 thank you xx

  26. After years of having thread veins in my face that only seemed to get redder and redder, I decided it was time to try the treatment here. After 2 treatments there was a noticeable difference and as the treatment went on they’ve become increasingly better. I am due to have my last course of treatment in a months time and I am now wearing much less makeup and have a lot more confidence. Debbie and the rest of the staff at the practice have been lovely and I would recommend it to anyone!

  27. I have had a course of oxygen therapy and a microdermabrasion treatment with Debbie. Like others have said before the results are quite amazing. Skin feels plumped out and smoother. Fine lines appear less defined. Have had lots of people comment on how well I look since I had the treatment done. Will definately be back to see Debbie!

  28. I’ve had two treatments of the oxygen therapy with Debbie and I’m really pleased with the results already. It really does smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles and plump up my skin. I’m especially pleased with the improvement in the “frown” lines on my forehead. People have commented on how well I look in the last week so I can’t wait to see what the results will be like after all 5 treatments!

  29. I have been having a course of microdermabrasion treatments with Debbie. I must admit to finding it totally relaxing as Debbie definitely has the “touch” – really soft hands!!
    She is also very helpful and knowledgeable about all the products – I have been using the crystal clear face cream with a factor 40 sun factor protection as I do a lot of walking and cycling, I have not had a burnt face at all and my skin looks and feels great with the whole treatment.
    I have NEVER felt pressured to buy any product but have done so just by having them explained.
    I had the course bought as a present for my birthday and will certainly do it again….
    So Debbie congrats it takes a lot to make me happy……

  30. Crystal Clear microdermabrasion is the ultimate beauty treatment – the Crystal Clear skin products feel really lovely, and the microdermabrasion with Debbie is both relaxing and effective. Your skin looks and feels amazing after the treatment, and Debbie concentrates on any problem areas you may have to eliminate fine lines and blemishes. This is a great treatment that gives good results.

  31. I have been having the oxygen therapy treatment with Debbie for several months now and I am thrilled with the results, my problem skin has also improved since I started using the crystal clear skin products, I would happily recommend to people to try this excellent treatment

  32. If you want beauty treaments from friendly professional personnel who give one to one treatments with confidentiality then I can totally recommend this clinic.
    I have been attending this practise for various treatments and I am thrilled with the results.
    All my friends have commented on how good my skin looks for my age.

  33. I had a Microdermabrasion with Debbie and it had made my skin feel great. I usually suffer with spots and redness on my chin and the microdermabrasion has really helped with it. They are also really relaxing and a lovely treat that I highly recommend.

  34. I have just had a 5 course treatment of the new Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy. It’s absolutely amazing. It literally is ‘The Instant Face Lift’. This procedure, which is non-invasive, plumps up the skin by blowing pure oxygen in to the skin’s surface. It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and also acne scarring (the main reason I had the treatment) by stimulating your own collagen production. My skin is plumper, smoother & radiant. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with any of the concerns I mentioned above.

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed my Microdermabrasion which was carried out by Debbie. My skin felt better straight away and I rarely get spots or dry skin. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone.

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